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Re: Does anybody remember..?
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I was thinking the other day of the recent ‘history’ of library music- or perhaps more accurately my or our history of it.  Over the period of blogging and then having this forum to visit the thing I loved the absolute most was making the compilations and I found the entire process really rewarding.  I realised over a fairly short time though that most people really wanted the full LPs- which I totally understood because I did too! 
I was thinking that that my reason for doing that was at the time a way to showcase different tracks and how redundant that feels now as everyone has access to so many full label runs- certainly the good stuff. 
The other big change is the shift to lossless after being grateful if any shitty rip just to HEAR something back in the day.

I’ve also wondered at times when I’ve missed out on some eBay auction, an LP I really want but that went for ludicrous money... how much has our love and spreading the word increased the prices of records?  I know we are far from the be all and end all of library collecting but we have encouraged many newbies into the game I think.   I kind of think some records would be expensive but many would have remained fairly cheap. 

Overall I really enjoy the generosity on here and love that we have now something we once dreamed of- a place you can come and find most stuff and people who are willing to share it.

I remember sitting in my old flat with the KPM ‘The 70’s’ CD comp where it listed the original LPs that the tracks we’re sourced from and absolutely LONGING to have them to hear the whole thing!! It felt unachievable. Coming in now is so different—- God I’m sounding old!!!

I've really enjoyed reading your reflections, Retronic. I wouldn't call you old. I wouldn't call anybody on LMT old. It's just that you've been active for years in this genre, whilst witnessing firsthand the cultural changes on Library Music, collectors, bloggers, the fans, etc.

Old? No. Elder statesman, definitely.

Your views and contributions matter a great deal to me, and to many people, I think.

Your observation about just being happy for a low-fidelity, poor crap copy of some of the old Library tunes, let alone an entire record LP, is spot on. In the early years, I even gave up carnal relations for the chance to download some of your rips, or one of Frayker's compilations.

Is that TMI? It's the truth, at any rate.

I didn't know about LOSSLESS music at the time. I didn't care. I only had one mission at the time and that was to snap up ANY Library rips I could find. I was an insatiable, ravenous savage for this thing we call Library Music. The finer points of Library knowledge and blog etiquette would come later, by degrees.

These days? Lets just say I wouldn't be refusing a Meet & Greet w The Beast With Two-Backs anytime soon for a scratchy 128 rip. Sorry. Not sorry.

LMT has indeed become a cultural force in our small Library world. Even if LMT isn't the biggest, best known, etc online destination. Besides, does size or notoriety really matter? What about content, and being a place where everybody is welcome? In so many ways, LMT has become a Library version of Cheers

For instance, MTV is a huge network and during the 80s was a cultural phenomenon. But the 1980s is a virtual lifetime ago.

What about MTV's content, especially the past 20+ years?  So much for ratings and notoriety  ::)

MTV sucks! You know it, I know it, and the entire world knows it!

LMT has become a cultural hub for Library Music, and that's really all that matters. Thank you Retronic, for your many cultural contributions aside from the mere rips.

Most of all, thank you for your kind & patient friendship to yours truly, and to all of us, over these past years.

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Re: Does anybody remember..?
« Reply #16 on: January 18, 2019, 10:26:40 PM »
Yeah, Fslmy would be the one! Nice guy.

I have an old email of his and tried reaching out sometime last year - only to have it bounce back, unfortunately.
Hope he's alright wherever he might be :)

Hello, Mister! Happy New Year to you, sir.

Sooner or later, there'll be an Fslmy sighting. It's the internet, after all.

Btw Mister, if I haven't told you this week, I really, really dig your headgear. I'm gonna get me one like yours, but with a propeller. Or maybe some horns  ;D
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Re: Does anybody remember..?
« Reply #17 on: January 18, 2019, 10:42:57 PM »
Bagsy, me Carla!

I loved and miss Frayker. He was maybe my first library blogger contact and inspired me to blog.
Actually, digging around my or hard drives I found a stack of Fraykerbreaks comps. They will be great to relive.

Re poor quality rips. I was recording Booseys for some guy on an old programme (not Audacity) and I couldn’t find a way to up the equality and he would send me these SCREAMING emails about the horrors of compression, why didn’t I make them lossless cos they sound AWFUL!!! Thing is no one was telling me how to do it.  Stack and Dick Turpin probably helped me out in the end and finally we got there.
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