Author Topic: Looking for CAM (CML) tracks in Japanese PC games  (Read 378 times)


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Looking for CAM (CML) tracks in Japanese PC games
« on: June 16, 2024, 04:23:17 PM »
Hello again! I've previously posted about the games from publisher IDES that use library music and gotten some great help in identifying Atmosphere and C Music tracks, but on the suggestion of ChunYinZi I'm making a new thread to focus on the last few.

When making the original thread I was only vaguely aware that some of these tracks came from CML albums, but thanks to the generous sharing in this forum and other places I've since been able to listen to many of them and identify most of the tracks myself. I really appreciate a8detective, Rocco, Greta and others for sharing their rips! Now, I'm down to the last few songs and am hoping some of you 70s Italian music lovers will be able to figure out where the rest of these are from.

Most of the songs I'm looking for can be found in the game Dracula Hakushaku, which you can listen to in this video. The other two songs can be listened to here and here.

There are also two other songs for which we know the film soundtrack it originated from, but not the CML album it was later released in. These are Moderato Ballabile from Sono fotogenico (by Manuel De Sica) and Seq. 19 from Ragazza tutta nuda assassinata nel parco (by Carlo Savina). Any assistance in identifying the sources of these will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Looking for CAM (CML) tracks in Japanese PC games
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Library music used in Japan

It's very hard to find.

but my interest is not in the game.

But my interest is not in games, it's in Japanese pornographic movies, anime and radio dramas.

They use a lot of Japanese libraries

A lot of them don't offer demos, you have to buy the CDs.

I've bought over 50 CDs this year from various Japanese library music companies.

As of today, I still have some that I haven't found the source for.

But they don't seem to use CML MUSIC.

Instead, they use their own libraries.