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UK label under Mozart Edition (Great Britain) Ltd., founded 1957 by Joe Cohen. The company started releasing recordings from the early 60's onwards, and is still active today, based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.
The publisher was originally established c. 1947 in Salzburg, Austria by Dr. Gustav Zagler, and there was also a branch in Germany - Mozart Edition Musik-Bühnenverlag GmbH, based in Ainring, Oberbayern.

10", 78 RPM:
MOZ.101 - Merry-Go-Round Waltz/Devil May Care/Night Flight - The Perry/Gardner Orchestra (1963)
MOZ.102 - The Jolly Swagman/Banbury Cross/Butterflies - Walter Heller Orchestra/???? (1963)
MOZ.103 - Incognito/Bowling - Jack Wolfe Band/???? (1963)
MOZ.104 - Take a Look at Ireland/The Last of the Clan/Sailing By - Walter Heller Orchestra/???? (1963)
MOZ.105 - The Happy Whistlers/Mississippi Melody - Perry/Gardner Orchestra/???? (1963)
MOZ.106 - Red Cats/Roly-Poly - Jack Wolfe Band/???? (1963)
MOZ.107 - Autostrada del Sol/The Girl in the Leather Jacket - Hans Moltkau Orchestra/Perry/Gardner Orchestra (1963)
MOZ.108 - Bagdad/Philomena - Jack Wolfe Band/???? (1963)
MOZ.109 - Dance for You/Macedonia Serenade - ????/Bobby Gutesha Orchestra (1963)
MOZ.110 - That's My Theme/Chromatic Love - ????/Bobby Gutesha Orchestra (1963)
MOZ.112 - Mexican Mambo/Paolo/African Dawn - Orchestra Tropicana (1963)
MOZ.113 - Cosmorama: ????/????/Night Sky/City Lights - ????/Orchestra Raphaele (1964)
MOZ.114 - ????/Confirmation - ????/Orchestra Raphaele (1964)
MOZ.115 - Rodeo Express/Hurry, Hurry/Countrywise - Orchestra Raphaele/???? (1964) (B-SIDE UNCONFIRMED)
MOZ.116 - Five Eastern Scenes: Native Quarter/Camel Train/Desert Night/Distan Approach/Mirage/Three Quiet Moods: Solitude/Antiguity/Remoteness - ????/Orchestra Raphaele (1964)
MOZ.117 - Man and Automan/Travelling Light - Orchestra Raphaele/???? (1964) (B-SIDE UNCONFIRMED)
MOZ.118 - Nimble Fingers/Whimsical Wanderer - ????/Orchestra Raphaele (1964) (A-SIDE UNCONFIRMED)
MOZ.119 - Eight Wheeler/Jet-a-Way/Shank's Pony/With the Tide - ????/Orchestra Raphele (1964)
MOZ.123 - Blue Bells/Tell Me Now - ???? (UNCONFIRMED)
MOZ.124 - Fable/???? - Raphaele Light Orchestra/???? (1964)
MOZ.125 - Beyond the Hills/Up in the Morning - Walter Heller Orchestra/???? (1964) (B-SIDE UNCONFIRMED)

ME. LP01 - Jack Wolfe and His Music (1965)
ME. LP02 - Emmerich Smola and His Orchestra, solo piano: John Divela/Peter Thomas and His Band (1965)
ME. LP03 - Armand Bernard and His Orchestra (1965)
ME. LP04 - Walt Peters and His Orchestra (1965)
ME. LP05 - Cliff Hammer and His Golden Spinet/King Mauna and His News Sound/Franco Chiari Jazz Quartet/Leo Silvestri and His Music (1965)
ME. LP06 - Georg Hermann and His Orchestra/Orchestra Tropicana (1965)
ME. LP07 - Detlef Rath and His Orchestra/Walt Peters and His Orchestra (1965)
ME. LP08 - Jack Wolfe and His Music (1966)
ME. LP09 - Georg Hermann and His Orchestra/Antony Wood and His Orchestra (1966)
ME. LP010 - Orchestra Raphaele (Cond. Peter Walden)/Detlef Rath and His Orchestra (1966)
ME. LP011 - The Jay Harmon Band/The Piano Quartet (1966)
ME. LP012 - Antony Wood and His Orchestra (1966)
ME. LP013 - Carlos Diernhammer and His Orchestra (1966)
ME. LP014 - John Wallis and His Band/Carlos and His Music (1967)
ME. LP015 - Franco Chiari Jazz Quartet (1966)
ME. LP016 - The Karas-Hildinger Orchestra and Chorus/Dolf van der Linden and His Orchestra (1967)
ME. LP017 - Orchestra Raphaele - Orchestra Raphele conducted by Peter Walden
ME. LP018 - The Willi Fantel Ensemble/Chuck Freeman and His Band (1967)
ME. LP019 - The Adriatic Orchestra (cond. Mladen Gutesha)/Georg Hermann and His Orchestra (1967)
ME. LP020 - Jack Wolfe and His Music/The Jack Barner Ensemble (1967)
ME. LP021 - The Karas-Hildinger Orchestra and Chorus/Orchestra Raphaele (Cond. Peter Walden) (1967)
ME. LP022 - The Bavarian Players/Boris Kovacic and His Musicians (1967)
ME. LP023 - Eugen Cicero Quintet/Earl Sheldon and his Music
ME. LP024 - Hans Hatter and His Orchestra (1967)
ME. LP025 - The Sante Palumbo Trio/Hans Werner and His Band (1967)
ME. LP026 - Hans Hatter and His Orchestra/Orchestra Raphaele
ME. LP027 - Robbiani and His Music/John Wallis and His Band (1967)
ME. LP028 - Hermann's Big Band/Boneschi and His Band (1967)
ME. LP029 - Hans Hatter and His Orchestra/Georg Hermann and His Orchestra (1967)
ME. LP030 - Roger Flynn and His Band/Georg Hermann and His Band
ME. LP031 - The Perry/Gardner Orchestra/Orchestra Raphaele
ME. LP032 - Maurice and His Music/Chuck Freeman and His Band
ME. LP033 - Georg Hermann and His Orchestra/Swoboda and His Zither
ME. LP034 - Robbiani and His Music/Georges Chorafas and His Music/The Stuff Combe Sound
ME. LP035 - The New Raphaele Singers (1968)
ME. LP036 - Jonny Teupen and His Harp/Jack Wolfe and His Music
ME. LP037 - Hans Hatter and His Orchestra
ME. LP038 - Franco Chiari Quartet/The Rock-a-Byes/Robbiani and His Music (1968)
ME. LP039 - Harry Howard and His Music (1969)
ME. LP040 - Orchestra Raphaele (Cond: Heinz Hotter) (1969)
ME. LP041 - David Ordini at the "Club Latino"/The Georg Hermann Band
ME. LP042 - Georg Hermann and His Music/Orchestra Raphaele (Cond: Heinz Hötter)
ME. LP043 - The Rock-a-Byes/The Jack Barner Ensemble (1969)
ME. LP044 - The Voices of Jack Wolfe (1969)
ME. LP045 - Orchestra Raphaele (1969)
ME. LP046 - Franco Chiari Quartet/Robbiani and His Music (1969)
ME. LP047 - Earl Sheldon and His Music
ME. LP048 - Jack Wolfe and His Orchestra (1969)
ME. LP049 - David Ordini's New Group/Carlos and His Music (1969)
ME. LP050 - Orchestra Raphaele (1969)
ME. LP051 - Chuck Freeman and His Band/Earl Sheldon and His Music
ME. LP052 - The Lone Stars
ME. LP053 - Jack Wolfe and His Music (1969)
ME. LP054 - David Ordini at the "Club Latino"/The Cliff Hammer Orchestra and Choir (1970)
ME. LP055 - The William Gardner Orchestra (1970)
ME. LP056 - Harry Howard and His Music/Jack Wolfe and His Music (1970)
ME. LP057 - Ron Beirman and His Orchestra/Carlos and His Music
ME. LP058 - Theo Schumann and His Music/The Jay Harmon Band (1970)
ME. LP059 - Hermann's Big Band/George Hermann and His Orchestra (1970)
ME. LP060 - The Guy Golasch Combo/Armin and His Players (1970)
ME. LP061 - The William Gardner and His Music/The Richard Nielson Group (1971)
ME. LP062 - Jack Wolfe and His Music/Jack's New Music Group (1971)
ME. LP063 - Harry Howard and His Music
ME. LP064 - Raphaele Concert Orchestra
ME. LP065 - Raphaele Chamber Orchestra/Robert Hanell and His Concert Orchestra
ME. LP066 - Earl Sheldon and His Band/Earl Sheldon and His Music
MES. LP067 - The William Gardner Orchestra (1971)
MES. LP068 - Walter's Choir and Orchestra/Georg Hermann and His Orchestra (1971)
MES. LP069 - The Jay Harmon Band/Walter's Big Band
MES.LP070 - Alf Beckstein and His Orchestra/The Guy Gollasch Band (1971)
MES.LP071 - Club Latino/Walter and His Band (1972)
MES.LP072 - The William Gardner Orchestra
MES.LP073 - Georg Hermann and His Orchestra/The Guy Gollasch Band (1972)
MES.LP074 - Francis Brooke and His Orchestra/The Francis Brooke Band
MES.LP075 - The Sound and the Voices
MES.LP076 - Leo Mann and His Music/The George Hermann Orchestra and Chorus (1972)
MES.LP077 - Mario Monte and His Music/Jack Wolfe and His Music (1973)
MES.LP078 - George Hermann and His Orchestra/Ben Cooper and His Band (1973)
MES.LP079 - Jack Wolfe and His Band (1973)
MES.LP080 - Jay Harmon and His Band/Howard Hawks and His Orchestra (1973)
MES.LP081 - The George Hermann Orchestra and Chorus/George Hermann and His Orchestra (1973)
MES.LP082 - Ben Cooper and His Band
MES.LP083 - George Hermann and His Orchestra/George Hermann and His Music (1973)
MES.LP084 - Woodwind Music/Circus Music - no performer listed (1973)
MES.LP085 -
MES.LP086 - Various Moods/Gypsy Music - no performer listed (1974)
MES.LP087 - The Trads/The New Studio Group/The Benny Saltzman Band/The Lennie Portner Orchestra (1974)
MES.LP088 - The Lennie Portner Orchestra/The Goody Gudera Band (1974)
MES.LP089 - The William Gardner Orchestra (1975)
MES.LP090 - Raphael and His Band
MES.LP091 - Guy Gollasch and His Band (1975)
MES.LP092 - Various Moods/National Music
MES.LP093 - The Ordini Orchestra/Club Latino/The Cleveland Band (1975)
MES.LP094 - The Paul Reym Orchestra/The Frank Alamo Orchestra (1975)
MES.LP095 - William Gardner and His Orchestra (1976)
MES.LP096 - The Bobby Lee Orchestra/Buddy Dufault and His Orchestra (1976)
MES.LP097 - Andy Novello and His Orchestra
MES.LP098 - The Frank Madison Orchestra (1976)
MES.LP099 - Ben Cooper and His Band/George Hermann and His Orchestra (1977)
MES.LP100 - Howard Hawks and His Music/The Tico Marino Orchestra (1977)
MES.LP101 - The Paul Reym Orchestra/The Ati Soss Small Group
MES.LP102 - The Neil Richardson Big Band/The Sam Fonteyn Orchestra (1977)
MES.LP103 - The Andy Novelly Orchestra/The David Ordini Orchestra
MES.LP104 - The Goody Gudera Band/The Raymond Hill Band/The Firebirds (1978)
MES.LP105 - The Frank Duval Combo/The Vilmos Kormendi Sound
MES.LP106 - The William Gardner Orchestra/The Benny Saltzman Band (1978)
MES.LP107 - The Tico Marino Orchestra/Jack Wolfe and His Orchestra
MES.LP108 - Ben Cooper and His Orchestra (1980)
MES.LP109 - George Hermann and His Orchestra
MES.LP110 - The Franco Maduro Orchestra
MES.LP111 - George Hermann and His Orchestra
MES.LP112 - The Andy Novello Orchestra (1985)
MES.LP113 - George Hermann and His Orchestra/Ben Cooper and His Orchestra
MES.LP114 - Dave Cornfield's Music Machine

ME. LP201 - Ernie Quelle and His Music/The Bob Elger Band (1968)
ME. LP202 - The Gerhard Trede Band and Chorus/The Gerhard Trede Band (1968)
ME. LP203 - John van Zoot Ensemble/The Ron Biermann Band
ME. LP204 - G.T. Jazz Combo/The Gerhard Trede Band
ME. LP205 - The Fred Berlipp Band/The Gerhard Trede Ensemble
ME. LP206 - Attila Zoller Quartet/The Fred Berlipp Sound (1969)
ME. LP207 - The Gerhard Trede Sound/The Gerhard Trede Choir and Sound
ME. LP208 - Baroque Contrasts/More Contrasts - The Jonny Teupen Group/The Landy Orchestra/Solo Piano/Mixed Choir
ME. LP209 - Eric Landy and His Music/The Petite Group (1969)
ME. LP210 - The Gerhard Trede Band and Chorus/Ernie Quelle and His Music (1970)

MECD. 1001 - Untitled - Ronald Sekura Band/William Gardner Orch./Jack Wolfe Orch./Perry/Gardner Orch./The Sounds of Frank Duval/Neil Richardson Big Band/Howard Hawks Orch./Sam Fonteyn Orch./Raphaele Concert Orch./Jack Wolfe Band/Carlos Diernhammer Orch. (1989) (UNCONFIRMED)
MECD. 1002 -
MECD. 1003 - Untitled - Sam Fonteyn Orch./Walt Peters & His Orch./Benny Saltzman Band/William Gardner Orch./Perry/Gardner Orch./The Sound and the Voices/Jack Wolfe & His Music/Howard Hawks Orch./Raphaele Concert Orch./Walter Heller Orch./Jack Barner Band/Antony Wood Orch./Vilmos Kormendi Band/Neil Richardson Big Band/Karas-Hildinger Orch. & Chos. (1991)
MECD. 1004 -
MECD.1005 - Untitled - The Bavarian Dampfnoodles/Howard Hawks & His Orchestra/Jack Wolfe & His Orchestra/Erwin Rondell & His Orchestra/The Golden Eight/Kookie Freeman & His Velvet Sound/The Bananas/The Sounds of Frank Duval/David Ordini & His "Club Latino"/The William Gardner Orchestra/Howard Hawks & His Orchestra/The Karas-Hildinger Orchestra & Chorus/Orchestra Raphaele/Antony Wood Orchestra/Cliff Hammer & His Golden Spinet (1992)

10", 78 RPM:
MOZ.101 - Alan Perry (Ernest Tomlinson)/William Gardner (Peter Hope)
MOZ.102 - Ronald Binge/????
MOZ.103 - Lothar Nakat/????
MOZ.104 - Ronald Binge/????
MOZ.105 - Alan Perry (Ernest Tomlinson)/????
MOZ.106 - Rudi Bauer/????
MOZ.107 - Conny Augustin/William Gardner (Peter Hope)
MOZ.108 - Peter Biber (Helmuth Heigis)/????
MOZ.109 - ????/Bobby Gutesha
MOZ.110 - ????/Larissa (Alma Bernardi)/Maria Augusta Bruni
MOZ.112 - Luis Gomez (Lou Whiteson)/Ian Manson/William Gardner (Peter Hope)
MOZ.113 - ????/Ronald Binge
MOZ.114 - ????/Robert Docker
MOZ.115 - Peter Hope/James Turner (B-SIDE UNCONFIRMED)
MOZ.116 - ????/Wilfred Josephs
MOZ.117 - Wilfred Josephs/Alan Langford (Alan Owen) (B-SIDE UNCONFIRMED)
MOZ.118 - Alan Perry (Ernest Tomlinson) (A-SIDE UNCONFIRMED)
MOZ.119 - ????/James Stevens
MOZ.123 - William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Alex Alstone (Siegfried Stein)/Louis Rey (UNCONFIRMED)
MOZ.124 - Paul Lewis/????
MOZ.125 - Ronald Binge (B-SIDE UNCONFIRMED)

ME. LP01 - Hans Wolf-Kraus/Rudi Bauer/Gordon Langford/Ernie Ponticelli/R. Jones/Lothar Nakat
ME. LP02 - Jack Dieval/Louis Rey/Fernando Paggi/L. Spajic/Sten Clift (Peter Thomas)/Peter Thomas
ME. LP03 - Armand Bernard/Gaston Rolland/Maurice Van de Walle/J. Alfaro (Jean Levesque)/Louis Rey/Pierre Duclos/Paul Aliprandi (Edmond Missa)/Pierre Gabaye (Pierre Laurency)
ME. LP04 - Charles Kalman/Louis Rey/Albert Delroy (Albert Aldcroft)/Gordon Langford/Rudolf Maluck/Paul Lewis/John Carmichael/Martin Böttcher/Alan Langford (Alan Owen)/R. Jones/Mladen Gutesha/Peter Hope
ME. LP05 - Hans Hammerschmid/Horst Ackermann/Henry Stuck (Hans Hammerschmid)/Stefan Laube (Horst Ackermann)/Martin Laiser (Horst Reipsch)/Horst Reipsch/Gino Peguri/Maria Augusta Bruni/Fausto Maggioni
ME. LP06 - Hajo Lehmann/Hans Nahmmacher/Gerhard Paul (Gerhard Pater)/Martin Hattwig/Ralf Petersen (Horst Fliegel)/Georg Plathe/Jose Michel (Ronald Hanmer/Edmundo Ros)/Luis Gomez (Lewis Whiteson)/Rudolf Maluck/George Elliott/William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Albert Marland
ME. LP07 - Terry Day (David Williams)/Fernando Paggi/Louis Rey/Ralf Heninger (Reimund Hess)/Charles Kalman/Oskar Reisinger/Albert Delroy (Albert Aldcroft)/Lothar Nakat/Paul Lewis/Paul Fenoulhet/Rudi Bauer/Jo Bonte (John Reids)
ME. LP08 - Carlos Diernhammer/Hans Wolf-Kraus/Alfred Jack/Hajo Fiebig/Ian Manson/Günter Kretschmer
ME. LP09 - Hajo Lehmann/Günther Kretschmer/Guntram Höhlein/Jürgen Hermann/Gerhard Paul (Gerhard Pater)/Siegfried Beier/Harry Seeger/Ralf Heninger (Reimund Hess)/Peter Hope/William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Albert Delroy (Albert Aldcroft)/Emile Carrara/Jo Bonte (John Reids)
ME. LP010 - Walter Peters (August Waldenmaier)/Peter Hope/Charles Kalman/Gaby Fleur (Henry Krein)/Hans Willy Bergen/John Carmichael/Karl Faust/Charles Kalman/Bobby Gutesha/Ralf Heninger (Reimund Hess)/George Callert (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Detlef Rath
ME. LP011 - Chris Striegler/Heinz Kretszchmar/Christian Dornaus (John Fischer)/Kurt Becker/Karl Heinz Kästel/Ernst-August Quelle/George Callert (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Stuff Combe/Al Brist (Kurt Becker)
ME. LP012 - Roger Senicourt (Frank Chacksfield)/Alan Loraine (Gerard Victory)/Frank Chacksfield/Louis Rey/Jean Gaze (Jean Junge)/Horst Ackermann/Harry Essex (Paul Fenoulhet)/William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Dennis Mellis/Anthony Mawer/Richard Toeman
ME. LP013 - Hans Wolf-Kraus/Hajo Lehmann/Konrad Wolf/Wolfgang Mäder/Carlos Diernhammer/Ferry Barendse/Alfred Schütz/Jean Gaze (Jean Junge)/Roman Flury/Louis Rey/Christian Dupriez
ME. LP014 - Helmuth Brandenburg/Heinz Hötter/Carlos Diernhammer/Henning Flut/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Benny Johnson (Andreas Hartmann)/Gerd Luft (Henning Flut)/David Ordini (Wolfgang Mäder)/Konrad Wolf/Horst Bredow (Dietmar Kindler)
ME. LP015 - Fausto Maggioni/Maria Augusta Bruni/Emilio Daniele/Mario Mellier/Gino Peguri/Giancarlo Chiaramello
ME. LP016 - Dave Hildinger/Sperie Karas/Kurt Veidt (Dave Hildinger)/Philip Forester (Sperie Karas)/Geo Voumard/Fernando Paggi/Rudolf Maluck/Christian Dupriez/Conny Augustin/Heinz Kretzschmar/Paul Guilmain/Alfred Jack
ME. LP017 - Toni Martl/Alan Perry (Ernest Tomlinson)/Albert Delroy (Albert Aldcroft)/Emile Carrara/Gerd Bauer (Mladen Gutesha)/Arno Steinberg (Kurt Kiermeir)/Will Berger (Gerhard Maasz)/Cole Bourne (????)/Fried Walter/John Carmichael/Conny Augustin/Carlo Loebnitz/Kurt Schild
ME. LP018 - Willi Fantel/Hans Gluck (Willi Fantel)/Helmuth Brandenburg/David Ordini (Wolfgang Mäder/Konrad Wolf)/Horst Bredow (Dietmar Kindler)/Robert von Kessler/Werner von Overheidt/George Callert (Roman W. Zajaczek)
ME. LP019 - Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Bobby Gutesha/Teddy Leyh/Chris Hermann-Stoy (Radmila Gutesha)/Konrad Wolf/Toni Leutwiler/Rolf Zimmermann/Wilhelm Penndorf/Jürgen Hermann/Georg Plathe/Horst Geipel/Martin Möhle
ME. LP020 - Carlos Diernhammer/Edmund Paul (Joseph Zerga)/Henning Flut (Gerd Luft)/Hans Wolf-Kraus/Hans Willy Bergen/trad. arr. Günther Karpa/Wolfgang Brenk (Wolf Niggeling)/Walter Kubiczeck/Curt Hasenpflug/Jan Tyski (Jan Tyszkiewicz)/Axel van Düren (Herbert Peltzer)/Karl Heinz Kästel/Chris Striegler
ME. LP021 - Kurt Veidt (Dave Hildinger)/Philip Forester (Sperie Karas)/Dave Hildinger/Sperie Karas/Peter Hope/Alan Langford (Alan Owen)/Gerard Victory/Charles Kalman
ME. LP022 - trad. arr. Mark Mender/trad. arr. Pepsi Auer (Josef Auer)/Boris Kovacic
ME. LP023 -
ME. LP024 - William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Peter Hope/Alan Perry (Ernest Tomlinson)/Morgan Jones/Ernest Ponticelli/Rudolf Maluck/Van Berlyn (Alfred Ballerini)/Louis Rey
ME. LP025 - Sante Palumbo/Fausto Maggioni/Chiola (Fausto Maggioni)/Ugo Adduci/Emilio Daniele/Hendric Haydegg (Claudius Cojocar)/Werner von Overheidt/Konrad Wolf/Hans Wolf-Kraus/George Stephan (Wolfgang Mäder)/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Bert Petri (Gerhard Quaas)/Chris Striegler
ME. LP026 -
ME. LP027 - Pino Guerra/Mario Robbiani/Bill Liroca (Bruno Caroli)/Maria Augusta Bruni/Alma Bernardi/De Vera (Emilio Daniele)/Attilio Donadio/Fernando Paggi/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Edmund Kötscher/Walter Geiger/Helmuth Brandenburg/Eberhard Stoll/Chris Striegler/Karl Barthel/Stuff Combe/Konrad Wolf
ME. LP028 - Günter Oppenheimer/Günter Hörig/Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky/Manfred Pieper/Walter Hartmann/Harry Seeger/Chiola (Fausto Maggioni)/Maria Augusta Bruni/Ettore Ballotta/Giampiero Boneschi/Fausto Maggioni
ME. LP029 - Heinz Hötter/Heinz Geese/Oscar Reisinger/Georg Haentzschel/Horst Grosser (Ernst Lindemann)/Horst Geipel/Hans Bath/Martin Möhle/Rolf Zimmermann/Harry Heinze/Martin Hattwig/Georg Plathe
ME. LP030 -
ME. LP031 - Alan Perry (Ernest Tomlinson)/William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Peter Clare/Ronald Binge/Rudolf Maluck/James Turner/Detlef Rath/Jean Gaze (Jean Junge)/Rudolf Kuhn/Walter Franz
ME. LP032 - Gotthard Welker/Konrad Wolf/Peter Oscarsson (Teddy Leyh)/Rolf Asberg (Horst Kirsch)/A. Cluny/Fritz Maldener/Hans Günther Bunz/Hans Gluck (Willi Fantel)/Heinz Laduskow (Fritz Maldener)/Alfred Jack/Heinz Hötter/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)/Heinz Neumann/Conti Eckert/Andreas Hartmann/Earl Sheldon
ME. LP033 -
ME. LP034 - Bill Liroca (Bruno Caroli)/Mario Robbiani/Fernando Paggi/Ciry (Angela Clericetti)/Georges Chorafas/Pierre Cavalli/Stuff Combe
ME. LP035 - trad. arr. Peter Hope/Fred Tomlinson/trad. arr. Fred Tomlinson/Werner von Overheidt/Konrad Wolf
ME. LP036 -
ME. LP037 -
ME. LP038 - Chiola (Fausto Maggioni)/Mario Mellier/De Vera (Emilio Daniele)/Fabio Fabor (Fabio Borgazzi)/Fausto Maggioni/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Stan Erivan (Carlos Diernhammer)/Ciri (Angela Caroli Clericetti)/Mario Robbiani/Fernando Paggi/Bruno Caroli/Maria Augusta Bruni
ME. LP039 - Friedel Berlipp/Eugen Trams (Wolfgang Kischka)/Fred Langen (Fritz Ihlau)/Joe Lordup (Hannes Gottauf)/Horst Grosser (Ernst Lindemann)/Oskar Reisinger/Michael Inden (Michael Stenz)/Heinz Hötter/Heinz Geese/Werner Brock/Franz Josef Zimmermann/Heinz Jahr/Rolf Cardello (Rüdiger Piesker)
ME. LP040 - Peter Hope/Gilbert Vinter/Max Saunders/Ronald Binge/James Turner/Ernest Tomlinson/Alan Abbott
ME. LP041 -
ME. LP042 - I. Schatrow/Horst Geipel/Gerhard Siebholz/Gerhard Hoffmann/Arndt Bause/Wolfram Schöne/A. Vlatkovic/Mario Mellier/Sonny Steffen (Radmila Gutesha)/Rudolf Maluck/Louis Rey/Kurt Kiermeir
ME. LP043 - Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Jo Gretsch (Willi Fruth)/Charly Tabor/Harry Conrad (Hans Reithmayer)/Joe Kienemann/Joachim Ewen/Joe Haider/Walter Geiger/Hans Heinz Westen/Robert Selamus (Harald Gebhard)/Helmuth Brandenburg/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)/Mario Mariani (Edmund Kötscher)/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)
ME. LP044 - William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Geo. Voumard/John Finten (Franz Frankenberg)/Peter Suter (Peter Völkner)/Robert Selamus (Harald Gebhard)/Klaus Hugo/Henning Flut (Gerd Luft)/Pepe J. Mateo (Joseph Zerga)/Louis Rey/Egon Pfrenger/Eddy Bools (Hans Lotsch)/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)
ME. LP045 - Heinz Hötter/Gerhard Paul (Gerhard Pater)/Wolfgang Rebner/Ralf Heninger (Reimund Hess)/Chris Hermann-Stoy/Rudolf Maluck/Karl Faust/Earl Sheldon/Conny Augustin/Bobby Gutesha/Richard Flip (Walter Franz)/Chris Striegler/Heinz Kretzschmar
ME. LP046 - Gino Peguri/Fausto Maggioni/B. Fabio (Fabio Borgazzi)/Maria Augusta Bruni/Bruno Caroli/I. (Isola?) Amelio/Sapabo (Sante Palumbo)/Angelo Valsesia
ME. LP047 - Earl Sheldon/Tony Manco (Earl Sheldon)/Edmund Paul (Joseph Zerga)/Tico Marino (Earl Sheldon)/Dorot Evans (Buddy Dufault)/
ME. LP048 - Robert von Kessler/Bobby Gutesha/Rudolf Maluck/Lucky Foss (Josef Huber)/Louis Rey/Geo Voumard/Hardy Schneiders/Wolfgang Brenk/Gerard Victory/Gerhard Quaas/Rolf Karber/Roman Flury
ME. LP049 - Wolfgang Mäder/David Ordini (Wolfgang Mäder/Konrad Wolf)/Robert von Kessler/trad. arr. Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)-Helmuth Brandenburg/Wolfgang Brenk (Wolf Niggeling)/Konrad Wolf/Carlos Diernhammer/Alfred Jack/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)/George Callert (Roman W. Zajaczek)/trad. arr. Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Offenbach arr. Helmuth Brandenburg/Martini arr. Helmuth Brandenburg
ME. LP050 - Günther Peth/Gerd Bauer (Bobby Gutesha)/Rudolf Maluck/Lothar Nakat/Chris Baden (Christian Stalling)/De Vera (Emilio Daniele)/Louis Rey/Bobby Gutesha/Heinz Reinfeld/Ian Mason/Peter Biber (Helmut Heigis)/Lothar Nakat
ME. LP051 - Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Helmuth Brandenburg/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Theo Schumann/Carlos Diernhammer/Earl Sheldon/Buddy Dufault/Edmund Paul (Joseph Zerga)
ME. LP052 - Chiola (Fausto Maggioni)/Fausto Maggioni/Ugo Giacomozzi/Maria Augusta Bruni/Ugo Adduci/Asfrinio (Mario Morghen)/Fernando Paggi
ME. LP053 - Hans Wolf-Kraus/Lothar Nakat/Ernest Ponticelli/Carlos Diernhammer/Tony Manco (Earl Sheldon)/Edmund Paul (Joseph Zerga)/Dorot Evans (Buddy Dufault)/Tico Marino (Earl Sheldon)/Don Sheerall (Earl Sheldon)
ME. LP054 - Jan Berghes (Günter Herrmann)/Wolfgang Mäder/Konrad Wolf/Lennie Portner (Wolfgang Mäder)/David Ordini (Wolfgang Mäder)/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Hans Hammerschmid/Ralf Heninger (Reimund Hess)/Henry Stuck (Hans Hammerschmid)/Pepsi Auer (Josef Auer)/Krys Moram (Jan Markowski)
ME. LP055 - William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Louis Rey/Joe Stupin (Josef Strnad)/Peter Hope/Harvey Richards/Alan Langford (Alan Owen)
ME. LP056 - Horst Grosser (Ernst Lindemann)/Bob Crump (Werner Brock)/Alwin Both (Heinz Hötter)/Joe Lordup (Hannes Gottauf)/Oskar Reisinger/Heinz Geese/Hans Wolf-Kraus/Hans Günther Bunz/Pepsi Auer (Josef Auer)/Jan Markowski/Lothar Nakat
ME. LP057 -
ME. LP058 - Theo Schumann/Achim Gutsche/Percy Blane (Heinz Kretzschmar)/Francis Coppieters/Werner Dies/Heinz Kretzschmar/Chris Striegler/Harry Werda (Chris Striegler)/Bert Thorny (Kurt Becker)/Karl Heinz Kästel/Kurt Becker
ME. LP059 - Siegfried Jordan/Manfred Schulze/Günter Oppenheimer/Walter Eichenberg/H. Schutze/Horst Geipel/Hajo Lehmann/Ralf Petersen (Horst Fliegel)/Gerd Natschinski/Tilo Hammer
ME. LP060 - Siegfried Schulte/Klaus Hugo/Günter Oppenheimer/Dieter Janik/G. Fischer/Heinz Kunert/Manfred Pieper/Hubert Katzenbeier/R. Zimmermann/Hajo Lehmann/Armin Zeidler/Fips Fleischer/Torry Torsten/Willi Fantel/Wolfgang Kähne/Fritz Räbiger/Jürgen Hermann/Fred Gertz (Fritz Räbiger)
ME. LP061 - William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Alan Loraine (Gerard Victory)/Eric Davids (Eric Wetherell)/Hans Wolf-Kraus/Neil Richardson/Ernest Ponticelli/Fausto Maggioni
ME. LP062 - Fernando Paggi/Mario Robbiani/John Harmon (Mario Robbiani)/Tibor Heller (Louis Rey)/Bert Petri (Gerhard Quaas)/Benny Gebauer/Richard Kilian (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Hans Wolf-Kraus/Jean Cooler (Johannes R. Köhler)/Joe Kienemann/Walter Geiger/Gerhard Trede
ME. LP063 - Michael Inden (Michael Stenz)/Karl Heinz Kröll (Heinz Neumann)/Heinz Hötter/Bob Crump (Werner Brock)/Oskar Reisinger/Dave Rosenholz (Michael Stenz)/Heinz Jahr/Ernst Lindemann/Fred Langen (Fritz Ihlau)/Franz-Josef Zimmerman/Curt Cremer/Eugen Trams (Wolfgang Kischka)/Will Arens (Heinz Geese)
ME. LP064 -
ME. LP065 -
ME. LP066 - Dorot Evans (Buddy Dufault)/Earl Sheldon/Sid Bass/Edmund Paul (Joseph Zerga)/Jeannie F. Rollefson (Jane Jarvis)
MES. LP067 - Harvey Richards/Sam Fonteyn (Samuel Soden)/Alan Langford (Alan Owen)/William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Peter Hope
MES. LP068 - Wolfgang Schneider/Walter Kubiczeck/Georg Mockel/Siegfried Jordan/Wolf Baki (Wolfgang Barczewski)/Manfred Gustavus/Hajo Lehmann/Günter Oppenheimer/Manfred Nitschke/Hans-Dietrich Vogel/Joachim Schmeisser/Georg Plathe
MES. LP069 -
MES.LP070 - Konrad Wolf/Wolfgang Brenk/Tilo Hammer/Ralf Petersen (Horst Fliegel)/Fred Spannuth/Eugen Trams (Wolfgang Kischka)/Hubert Katzenbeisser/Manfred Gustavus/Manfred Pieper/Heinz Kunert/Wilhelm Penndorf/Günther Kretzschmar
MES.LP071 - Wolfgang Mäder/Horst Redes/Franco Maduro (Wolfgang Mäder)/Hans Günther Bunz/Horst Bredow (Dietmar Kindler)/Lennie Portner (Wolfgang Mäder)/Hajo Lehmann/Ulli Gigg (Lothar Nakat)/Arndt Bause/Jurgen Kliem/Manfred Gustavus/Manfred Götze/Manfred Nitschke
MES.LP072 - Wolfgang Brenk/Jo Bonte (John Reids)/Roberto Conde (Rudolf Graf)/John Carmichael/Jean Cooler (Johannes R. Köhler)/Paul Guilmain/George Gibson (Charles Kalman)/Barbara Goldberg/Alf Saro (Conti Eckert)/Louis Rey
MES.LP073 - Dieter Keitel/Tilo Hammer/Horst Geipel/Hajo Lehmann/Ralph Stüwe/Wolfram Schöne/Arndt Bause/Harry Seeger/Günter Oppenheimer/Henri Passage/Manfred Götze/Ralf Petersen (Horst Fliegel)
MES.LP074 - Dorot Evans (Buddy Dufault)/Earl Sheldon/Tico Marino (Earl Sheldon)/Sid Bass (????)/Edmund Paul (Joseph Zerga)
MES.LP075 -
MES.LP076 - Theo Schumann/Horst Redes/Wolfgang Kahne/Walter Eichenberg/Wilfried Peetz/Dieter Apitz/Fritz Roggelin/Hajo Lehmann/Hans Nahmmacher/Dieter Keitel/Gerhard Siebholz
MES.LP077 - Arbik (Italo Salizzato)/Michele Motta/Marziano Canegallo/Gianfranco(?) Reverberi/Romolo Forlai/Italo Salizzato/Vincenzo Nocera/Domenico Seren Gay/Earl Sheldon/Owen Byron Masingill/Jane Jarvis
MES.LP078 - Armin Zeidler/Gianluigi Costanzo/Horst Geipel/Rudolf Arndt /Raimond Erbe/Hajo Lehmann/Günter Oppenheimer/Siegfried Schulte/Manfred Götze/Michael Hansen (Klaus Schibilsky)/Henry Walther/Walter Kubiczeck
MES.LP079 - Ingrid Ruder (Walter Leykauf)/Peer Remar (Quirin Amper)/Jean Cooler (Johannes R. Köhler)/Stan Erivan (Carlos Diernhammer)/Joe Kienemann/Hans Wolf-Kraus/Benny Sky (Lothar Nakat)
MES.LP080 - Werner Dies/Francis Coppieters/Chris Striegler/Heinz Kretzschmar/Karl Heinz Kästel/Al Brist (Kurt Becker)/Walter Franz/Wolfgang Kischka (Eugen Trams)/Oskar Reisinger/Franz-Josef Zimmermann/Heinz Hötter/Fred Langen (Fritz Ihlau)/Heinz Jahr
MES.LP081 - Walter Kubiczeck/Juergen Hermann/Bernd Wefelmeyer/Siegfried Mai/Kurt Agt/Martin Hoffmann/Joachim Schmeisser/Horst Geipel/Raimond Erbe
MES.LP082 - Wolf Baki (Wolfgang Barczewski)/Manfred Nitschke/Horst Redes/Manfred Pieper/Arndt Bause/Lothar Kehr/Walter Kubiczeck/Siegfried Schulte/Manfred Götze
MES.LP083 - Horst Geipel/Jürgen Peter/Reiner Gabler/Gerhard Paul (Gerhard Pater)/Martin Hoffmann/Walter(?) Wicke/Günter Oppenheimer/Harri Heinze/Martin Hattwig/Hajo Lehmann/Juergen Hermann/Fred Gertz (Fritz Räbiger)/Theo Schumann/Achim Gutsche/Fred Kerstien (Dieter Schneider)/Heinz Kretzschmar
MES.LP084 - Madeleine Dring/Gilbert Vinter/Louis Rey/Yves Bouvard/Fred Adison (Albert Lapeyrere)/Roy Spider (Yves Bouvard)/Max Roche
MES.LP085 -
MES.LP086 - Suppé (arr. August Waldenmaier)/Robert Docker/David Lyon/Millöcker (arr. August Waldenmaier)/Andras Fay/Janos Gyulai Gaal/Peter Wolf/Gerhard Trede/Franz Reinl/Wilhelm Penndorf/Fried Walter
MES.LP087 - Heinz Kretzschmar/Francis Coppieters/Otto Schöck/Andras Fay/Vilmos Kormendi/Hans Willy Bergen/Heinz Buchold/Bert Petri (Gerhard Quaas)/Ingrid Ruder (Walter Leykauf)/Jan Olek (Joe Kienemann)/Hans Günther Bunz/Andy Novello (Wolfgang Mäder)
MES.LP088 - Lennie Portner (Wolfgang Mäder)/Hermann Impertro/Wolfgang Mäder/Richard Flip (Walter Franz)/David Ordini (Wolfgang Mäder)/Elmer Stigman (Werner von Overheidt)/Bert Petri (Gerhard Quaas)/Nicky Ford (Robert De Rycke)/Paul(?) Janda/Robert von Kessler
MES.LP089 - Johannes R. Köhler/William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Carlos Diernhammer/Jean Cooler (Johannes R. Köhler)/Heinz Jahr/Ingrid Ruder (Walter Leykauf)
MES.LP090 - Sam Fonteyn (Samuel Soden)/Martin Hoffmann/William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Harvey Richards/Hajo Lehmann
MES.LP091 - Manfred Pieper/Georg Plathe/Eberhard Weise/Werner Legutke/Henry Walther/Manfred Götze/Theo Schumann/Horst Redes/Wolfram Schöne/Jurgen Kliem/Günter Oppenheimer
MES.LP092 -
MES.LP093 - Wolfgang Förster/Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Richard Kilian (Roman W. Zajaczek)/David Ordini (Wolfgang Mäder)/Konrad Wolf/Andy Novello (Wolfgang Mäder)/Bert Petri (Gerhard Quaas)/Bert Heri (Hermann Egger)/Richard Flip (Walter Franz)/Ulli Gigg (Lothar Nakat)/Rolf Asberg (Horst Kirsch)/Hans Wolf-Kraus/Peter Covent (Carlos Diernhammer)
MES.LP094 - Henry Mayer (Heinz Meier)/Georg Buschor/Rolf Staudt (Heinz Meier)/Paul Reym (Heinz Meier)/Thomas Werr (Heinz Meier)/trad. arr. Thomas Werr (Heinz Meier)
MES.LP095 - William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Peter Hope/Alan Langford (Alan Owen)/Sam Fonteyn (Samuel Soden)/Roman Flury/Johannes R. Köhler/Theo Anfeldt (Walter Leykauf)/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)/Jean Cooler (Johannes R. Köhler)/Hendric Haydegg (Claudius Cojocar)
MES.LP096 - Tony Manco (Earl Sheldon)/Jeanne F. Rollefson (Jane Jarvis)/Tico Marino (Earl Sheldon)/Edmund Paul (Joseph Zerga)/Don Sheerall (Earl Sheldon)/Buddy Dufault
MES.LP097 - Andy Novello (Wolfgang Mäder)/Hendric Haydegg (Claudius Cojocar)/Lennie Portner (Wolfgang Mäder)/Franco Maduro (Wolfgang Mäder)/Hans Willy Bergen/Alf Carder (Wolfgang Mäder)/George Stephan (Wolfgang Mäder)/Claude Carrasu (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Rolf Derner (Wolfgang Mäder)/Raimund Kopp (Wolfgang Mäder)
MES.LP098 - Jane Jarvis
MES.LP099 - Henry Walther/Miroslav Bures/Walter Eichenberg/C. Neubert (????)/Siegfried Schulte/Horst Redes/arr. Georg Plathe/Lothar Kehr/Hajo Lehmann/Martin Hoffmann/Juergen Hermann/Guenter Schiffel/Hans Hardt (Juergen Degenhardt)/Harry Sander
MES.LP100 - Alfred Jack/Harald Banter (Gerd von Wysocki)/Heinz Hötter/Teddy Leyh/Lucky Foss (Josef Huber)/Chris O. Boyk (Wolfgang Felsing)/Earl Sheldon/Lesley Caribbe (Earl Sheldon)/Edmund Paul (Joseph Zerga)/Sybille A. Nüsslein/Tico Marino (Earl Sheldon)
MES.LP101 - Paul Reym (Heinz Meier)/Rolf Staudt (Heinz Meier)/Thomas Werr (Heinz Meier)/Ati Soss
MES.LP102 - William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Neil Richardson/Dave Watts/Sam Fonteyn (Samuel Soden)
MES.LP103 - Chopin arr. Andy Novello (Wolfgang Mäder)/George Stephan (Wolfgang Mäder)/Massenet arr. Wolfgang Mäder/Rolf Derner (Wolfgang Mäder)/Lennie Portner (Wolfgang Mäder)/David Ordini (Wolfgang Mäder/Konrad Wolf)/Andy Novello (Wolfgang Mäder)/Michael Inden (Michael Stenz)/Rolf Asberg (Horst Kirsch)/Konrad Wolf
MES.LP104 - John Finten (Franz Frankenberg)/Ulli Gigg (Lothar Nakat)/Alf Carder (Wolfgang Mäder)/Cora Brixham (Werner von Overheidt)/Franky Parkman (Reimund Hess)/Ralf Heninger (Reimund Hess)/Walter Franz/Denny Motion (Harald Winkler-Rauter)/Ricardo De Goya (Harald Winkler-Rauter)/Jeff Hasky (Harald Winkler-Rauter)/Rolf Derner (Wolfgang Mäder)
MES.LP105 - Frank Duval/Norbert Latzin/Geza Berki/Tamas(?) Nemenyi/Sandor Dobsa/Viktor Havasy
MES.LP106 - William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Peter Hope/Dave Watts/Frank Chacksfield/Tony Fenton/Walter Franz/Ulrich Wenzel
MES.LP107 - Tico Marino (Earl Sheldon)/Edmund Paul (Joseph Zerga)/Earl Sheldon/Lesley Caribbe (Earl Sheldon)/Tony Manco (Earl Sheldon)/Don Sheerall (Earl Sheldon)/Sybille A. Nüsslein
MES.LP108 - Martin Hoffmann/Georg Plathe/Ralf Petersen (Horst Fliegel)/Juergen Hermann/Martin Möhle/Dieter Apitz/Eberhard Weise/Lothar Kehr/Bernd Wefelmeyer
MES.LP109 - Siegfried Mai/Klaus Hugo/Horst Geipel/Heinz Borchert/Juergen Hermann/Eberhard Mende/Ralph Stüwe/Bernd Wefelmeyer/Ralf Petersen (Horst Fliegel)
MES.LP110 - Franco Maduro (Wolfgang Mäder)/Benny Gebauer/Lennie Portner (Wolfgang Mäder)/Horst Bredow (Dietmar Kindler)/Nicky Ford (Robert De Rycke)/Andy Novello (Wolfgang Mäder)/Heinz Drossner/Joe Kienemann
MES.LP111 - Klaus Hugo/Horst Geipel/Manfred Gustavus/Hajo Lehmann/Wolfgang(?) Schulz/Eberhard Weise/Joachim Schmeisser/Arndt Bause/Manfred Götze
MES.LP112 - Harald Winkler-Rauter/Lothar Nakat/Andy Novello (Wolfgang Mäder)/Lennie Portner (Wolfgang Mäder)/Dolf Brandmayer/Walter Genthin (Fred Armbrüster)/Stefan Kling (Hermann Egger)
MES.LP113 - Siegfried Mai/Eberhard Weise/Raimond Erbe/Ralf Petersen (Horst Fliegel)/Lothar Kehr/Juergen Hermann/Henry Walther/Volkmar Schmidt/Theo Schumann/Wolfgang(?) Schulz
MES.LP114 - Eric Bernham (Kerstin Piesker)/Dave Cornfield (Sven Piesker)/Andy Novello (Wolfgang Mäder)/Franco Maduro (Wolfgang Mäder)

ME. LP201 - trad. arr. Ladi Geisler/Ernst Arno (Ernst-August Quelle)/Mark Mender/Ernst-August Quelle/Jean Gaze/Rico Mares (Mark Mender)/Eric Landy (Hans Conzelmann/Delle Haensch)/Rob Pronk/Bob Elger (Roland Kovac)/Chris Baden (Christian Stalling)/Roland Kovac/Remon Biermann/Helmuth Franke-Elis/Karlheinz Hanne/Heinz Ullrich
ME. LP202 - Gerhard Trede
ME. LP203 - Ernst-August Quelle/John Marker (Mark Mender)/Walter Geiger/Jean Gaze (Jean Junge)/Ludwig Birnauer (Walter Geiger)/George Callert (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Remon Biermann/Helmuth Franke-Elis/Eric Landy (Hans Conzelmann/Delle Haensch)/Friedel Berlipp/Günther Tilgert
ME. LP204 - Gerhard Trede
ME. LP205 - trad. arr. Ladi Geisler/Rémon Biermann/Helmuth Franke-Elis/Roland Kovac/Friedel Berlipp/Heinz Hötter/Jonny Teupen/Franz-Josef Zimmermann/H. Weiss/Mladen Franko/Gerhard Trede
ME. LP206 - Pietro Leguani (Roland Kovac)/Roland Kovac/Attila Zoller/Friedel Berlipp/Heinz Hötter/Jonny Teupen/Franz-Josef Zimmermann/Werner Drexler/Günter J. Platzek/Ernst-August Quelle/John Marker (Mark Mender)/Ernst Arno (Ernst-August Quelle)
ME. LP207 - Gerhard Trede
ME. LP208 - Jonny Teupen/Werner Drexler/Werner Jungert (Werner Drexler)/Eric Landy (Hans Conzelmann/Delle Haensch)/Gerhard Trede/Roland Kovac/Luis Meguel (Roland Kovac)
ME. LP209 - Ernst-August Quelle/Rico Mares (Mark Mender)/Jean Gaze (Jean Junge)/Roland Kovac/Eric Landy (Hans Conzelmann/Delle Haensch)/Pieto Leguani (Roland Kovac)/Luis Meguel (Roland Kovac)/Gerhard Trede/Hans Haider
ME. LP210 - Gerhard Trede/Jean Gaze/John Marker (Mark Mender)/Gerd Schoenau (Rudolf Angerer)/Ernst-August Quelle/Ernst Arno (Ernst-August Quelle)/Hans Haider/Wolf Helling (Helmut Schmidt)/Ivan Spong (Peter Schirmann)

MECD. 1001 -
MECD. 1002 -
MECD. 1003 - Sam Fonteyn (Samuel Soden)/Alan Langford (Alan Owen)/Ulrich Wenzel/Peter Hope/Peter Clare/Paul Lewis/trad. arr. Sam Fonteyn (Samuel Soden)/Hans Wolf-Kraus/Harald Banter (Gerd von Wysocki)/Frank Chacksfield/Ronald Binge/William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Alf Saro (Conti Eckert)/Heinz Hötter/Michael Inden (Michael Stenz)/Alfred Jack/Jan Tyski (Jan Tyskiewicz)/T. Nemenyi/Eugen Trams (Wolfgang Kischka)/Neil Richardson/Dave Hildinger/Sperie Karas/Harvey Richards/Roman Flury/Dave Watts/Alan Perry (Ernest Tomlinson)
MECD. 1004 -
MECD.1005 - trad. arr. Mark Mender-Pepsi Auer/Oskar Reisinger/Fernando Paggi/Mario Robbiani/Nico Dostal/Dieter Mitteldorf/Robert von Kessler/Carlos Diernhammer/Heinz Kretzschmar/Gerhard Quaas/Frank Duval (Uwe Patz)/Alf Saro (Conti Eckert)/Ingrid Ruder (Walter Leykauf)/Peter Hope/Hendric Haydegg (Claudius Cojocar)/Toni Martl/Kurt Veidt (Dave Hildinger)/Philip Forester (Sperie Karas)/Wolfgang Brenk (Wolf Niggeling)/F. Walter/Rudi Bauer/Roger Senicourt (Frank Chacksfield)/Dennis Mellis/Franz Grothe/Werner Bochmann/Van Berlyn (Alfred Ballerini)/William Gardner (Peter Hope)/Hans Hammerschmid/Horst Ackermann
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Re: Mozart Edition Selected Recordings/Mozart Edition Hi-Fidelity Recordings
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ME.LP 201: Ernie Quelle and His Music/The Bob Elger Band:

ME.LP 210: The Gerhard Trede Band and Chorus/Ernie Quelle and His Music:
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Re: Mozart Edition Selected Recordings/Mozart Edition Hi-Fidelity Recordings
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Thanks! Updated.
Reformatted the list, too.


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Re: Mozart Edition Selected Recordings/Mozart Edition Hi-Fidelity Recordings
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My pleasure! 049 is David Ordini's New Group/Carlos and His Music:


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Thanks! List updated.


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Updates, with two left now:

ME. LP018 - The Willi Fantel Ensemble/ Chuck Freeman and his Band
ME. LP019 - The Adriatic Orchestra/ Georg Hermann and his Orchestra
ME. LP020 - Jack Wolfe and his Music/ The Jack Barner Ensemble
ME. LP023 - Eugen Cicero Quintet/ Earl Sheldon and his Music
ME. LP026 - Hans Hatter and his Orchestra/ Orchestra Raphaele
ME. LP030 - Roger Flynn and his Band/ Georg Hermann and his Band
ME. LP032 - Maurice and his Music/ Chuck Freeman and his Band
ME. LP033 - Georg Hermann and his Orchestra/Swoboda and his Zither
ME. LP034 - Robbiani and his Music/ Georges Chorafas and his Music/ The Stuff Combe Sound
ME. LP036 - Jonny Teupen and his Harp/ Jack Wolfe and his Music
ME. LP037 - Hans Hatter and his Orchestra
ME. LP039 - Harry Howard and his Music
ME. LP040 - Orchestra Raphaele
ME. LP041 - David Ordini at the "Club Latino"/ The Georg Hermann Band
ME. LP042 - Georg Hermann and his Orchestra/Orchestra Raphaele
ME. LP043 - The Rock-A-Byes/ The Jack Barner Ensemble
ME. LP044 - The Voices of Jack Wolfe
ME. LP047 - Earl Sheldon and his Music
ME. LP064 - Raphaele Concert Orchestra
ME. LP065 - Raphaele Chamber Orchestra/ Robert Hanell and his Concert Orchestra
MES. LP069 - The Jay Harmon Band/ Walter's Big Band
MES.LP075 - The Sound and the Voices
MES.LP085 - Unknown
MES.LP092 - Various Moods/ Natioanl Music
MES.LP103 - The Andy Novello Orchestra/ The David Ordini Orchestra

ME. LP204 - Unknown


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Here is the Info for MELP204........

MELP204A - G.T. Jazz Combo
Good Drive / In Bach Style / Mean And Moody / Soul Music / Play Shop
All Composed by Gerhard Trede.

MELP204B - The Gerhard Trede Band
Play Girl / Clarinet Serenade / For You My Dear / Northern Ballad / Main Street / Endless Night / Song Of Hawaii
All Composed by Gerhard Trede.

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Re: Mozart Edition Selected Recordings/Mozart Edition Hi-Fidelity Recordings
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Just reviving this thread with new info on a Mozart Edition 78, sourced mostly from an eBay listing I found on eBay UK:
MOZ.101 - Merry-Go-Round Waltz (Alan Perry (Ernest Tomlinson))/Devil May Care (Alan Perry)/Night Flight (William Gardner (Peter Hope)) - The Perry/Gardner Orchestra (1963)
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Thanks for your additions! List updated.