Author Topic: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde 1970s-1980s vol. 1&2&Ep  (Read 490 times)


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Due to my poor upload, I decided to share this compilation in an mp3 version. I think someone will be interested.



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These are great and contain absolute classics and make it a great starter pack for people willing to dive in deeper.

After work, when the customers left our store and we prepared it for the monday up until 22:00 or 23:00, the lights would dim to 1/3 (means only every third neon tube would stay on) and I'd play "Magic Fly" on my iPod Nano that conveniently fit in my chest pocket of my work shirt...
That was 2009 or so. Great to hear it in that compilation again!

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Many thanks Ene for this share. Don't be too hung up on it being in MP3 format. Despite the current fixation with FLAC this is a forum where the appreciation of music is greater than the format it comes in.
And thanks to Psyclon for mentioning Magic Fly. I had initially dismissed these albums because of the inclusion of "avant-garde" in the title. I'm very much aware that the words "French" and "avant-garde" often mean (to me at least) weird, random and unlistenable. However, the inclusion of Magic Fly made me look again. And I'm glad I did. Now to dig out my Magic Fly LP and give it another listen!
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Thank you Ene! I agree with nidostar, I'm grateful for the music people share and I don't mind mp3, also sometimes people sharing things in mp3 can draw our attention to things we can find in FLAC.

here's a flac version of the first album I already had

and here's a flac version of the second one which I didn't have at all until you brought it to my attention


the EP, however, I could only find at the same 192k that you shared.


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Cool- thanks, keir!


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Awesome listen, thks Keir & Ene
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Thanks Ene and Keir.