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Re: Joel Fajerman & Co
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I am looking for Electric Ice (1985) by Pierre Porte and JoŽl Fajerman but this album relinds unfindable to my knowledge. Does anyone have this?

CIE, hello. I looked around but couldn't find this record. All I could find were these two youtube videos, two tracks (A1 and B1) from [PierJenn] PRJ 1009 - Pierre Porte Ė Electric Ice (1985). The back cover credits JoŽl Fajerman with programming of the synthesizers/electronics, which included, inter alia, the Yamaha DX7 and Oberheim Xpander.  Sorry, I could not locate the album anywhere.

A1 - Return to Space -- hxxps://
B1 - Performance I -- hxxps://