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Sonia (Folklore-Serie)
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Series of German CD releases consisting of material from Selected Sound.

At first glance, these might just seem like regular commercial releases, but the series was actually advertised in some of Selected Sound's CD booklets as well as distributed abroad for library usage.

CD 77083 - Africa
CD 77084 - Spain
CD 77085 - France
CD 77086 - Greece
CD 77087 - USA
CD 77088 - Mexico
CD 77089 - Hawaii & South Pacific
CD 77090 - Russia
CD 77091 - China-Afghanistan-Tibet
CD 77092 - Middle East-Arabia-Iran-Israel

CD 77122 - India
CD 77123 - Germany
CD 77124 - Brazil-Argentina
CD 77125 - South East Asia: Bali-Java-Malaysia-Phlippines-Thailand
CD 77126 - West Indies-Caribbean Islands
CD 77127 - England-Ireland-Scotland-Wales
CD 77128 - Italy
CD 77129 - Turkey
CD 77130 - The Balkans: Yugoslavia-Hungary-Rumania
CD 77131 - Japan

CD 77190 - Benelux-Scandinavia

CD 77083 - Jonny Teupen/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Friedel Berlipp/Gerhard Trede
CD 77084 - Juan Cesare (Hans Haider)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Roland Kovac/Ricardo de Goya (Harald Winkler)/Henning Rüte/José Solá
CD 77085 - Karl Barthel/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Hans Haider/Roland Kovac/Wolf Helling (Helmut Schmidt)/Pietro Leguani (Roland Kovac)/Fred Tornow (Fred Strittmatter)/Eric Frantzen (Quirin Amper Jr.)/Juan Cesare (Hans Haider)
CD 77086 - Roy Henley (Hans Haider)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Horst Lubitz/Roland Kovac
CD 77087 - Roy Henley (Hans Haider)/Uwe Borns/Henning Rüte/Bunk Dogger (Timothy Phillips)
CD 77088 - Luis Meguel (Roland Kovac)/Juan Cesare (Hans Haider)/Karl Barthel/Hans Ehrlinger/trad. arr. Ladi Geisler/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Friedel Berlipp/Werner Dies/Günter Sonneborn
CD 77089 - trad. arr. Hans Haider/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Hans Haider/Max Mahlmann/Peter Poll (Friedel Berlipp)
CD 77090 - Roy Henley (Hans Haider)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Claude Larson (Klaus Netzle)/Manuel Landy (Delle Haensch)
CD 77091 - Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Tro Khan (Okko Bekker)
CD 77092 - Roy Henley (Hans Haider)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Tro Khan (Okko Bekker)

CD 77122 - Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Klaus Wüsthoff/Tro Khan (Okko Bekker)/Claude Larson (Klaus Netzle)/Manuel Landy (Delle Haensch)
CD 77123 - Hans Haider/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Jan Troysen (Hans-Martin Majewski)/Okko Bekker/Friedel Berlipp/Günther Tilgert/Hans Eric (Hans Conzelmann)/Manuel Landy (Delle Haensch)
CD 77124 - Juan Cesare (Hans Haider)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Uwe Borns/Henning Rüte/Hans Haider/Karl Barthel/Okko Bekker
CD 77125 - Tro Khan (Okko Bekker)/Roy Henley (Hans Haider)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Hans-Martin Majewski
CD 77126 - Okko Bekker/Juan Cesare (Hans Haider)/Wolfgang Mürmann/Horst Lubitz/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Helmuth Franke/HAns Haider/Hardy Kingston (Hartmut Kiesewetter)/trad. arr. Leopold Antwerpen (Rémon Biermann)-Rob Linder (Rolf Albinger)
CD 77127 - Roy Henley (Hans Haider)/Hans Haider/Henning Rüte/Okko Bekker/Berry Lipman (Friedel Berlipp)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Newton arr. Okko Bekker
CD 77128 - Giampiero Boneschi/Barimar (Mario Barigazzi)/Dante Panzuti/Oscar Rocchi/Enrico Frigerio/Giancarlo Barigozzi/Ignazio Privitera/Antonino Buda/Pietro Leguani (Roland Kovac)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)
CD 77129 - Roy Henley (Hans Haider)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Hans-Martin Majewski/Tro Khan (Okko Bekker)
CD 77130 - Roy Henley (Hans Haider)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)/Roland Kovac
CD 77131 - Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)

CD 77190 - trad. arr. Hans Haider/Hans Haider/Tchaikovsky (no arr.)/trad. (no arr.)/Gossling (no arr.)/Victor Cavini (Gerhard Trede)

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