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Tooter Turtle Tracks (UPDATED)
« on: March 25, 2023, 10:18:03 PM »
This is kind of a revamp to my old post on the Tooter Turtle tracklist, which was brought back by Yowp a while ago, but I found some other tracks that are in this show that aren't listed on the old list.  So here's a brand new list (now with more statistics about tracks!  ;) ):

Robert Sharples - Crystal Ball (Conroy - BM 199) (Used in most episodes when Mr. Wizard puts Tooter in many different jobs)
Robert Sharples - Comedy Bridges Sets 1 to 4 (Conroy - BM 135/BM 136) (Used in many episodes)
Edward White - Cactus Canter (Conroy - BM 119) (Used in Two Gun Turtle and Buffaloed Bill)
Van Phillips - Light Comedy Transitions (Conroy - BM 111) (Used in several episodes, including Two Gun Turtle, Sea Haunt, and Knight of the Square Table)
F. Brian - Guitar Mysterioso No. 2 (Impress - IA 212) (Used in Two Gun Turtle)
Steve Race - Raw Recruit (Conroy - BM 134) (Used in Tailspin Tooter)
Eric Spear - Sign Please (Conroy - BM 145) (Used in Tailspin Tooter)
Van Phillips - Comedy Endings (Impress - IA 188) (Used in several episodes, including Tailspin Tooter and One Trillion BC)
Van Phillips - Comedy Transitions (Impress - IA 188) (Used in several episodes, including Tailspin Tooter and Knight of the Square Table)
Ward Sills - Who's Got It? (Video Moods - EA 1070) (Used in Sea Haunt and The Unteachables)
Van Phillips - Tom Fool (Conroy - BM 106) (Used in Sea Haunt and Quarterback Hack)
Wolf Droysen - Electronic Organ Stings (Impress - IA 165) (Used in Sea Haunt and Railroad Engineer)
Dwight Barker - Suspense In Crime (Conroy - BM 126) (Used in Highway Petrol)
James Stevens - Eerie Visitor - Closing (Impress - IA 173) (Used in Highway Petrol and Knight of the Square Table)
Steve Race - Up And Down (Impress - IA 104) (Used in Mish Mash Mush)
Dolf van der Linden(!) - Pipsqueek - (Paxton - PR 610) (Used in a few episodes, including Mish Mash Mush, Olimping Champion and Anti-Arctic)
Ward Sills - Flying Rivets (Video Moods - EA 1069) (Heard briefly in The Unteachables)
Wolf Droysen - Piano Tension (Impress - IA 164) (Used in The Unteachables)
Van Phillips - Jimmy O'Goblin (Impress - IA 171) (Used in Kink Of Swat)
Van Phillips - More Comedy Transitions (Impress - IA 217) (Used in a few episodes, including Kink Of Swat and The Master Builder)
Bruce Campbell - Curlycues (Impress - IA 114) (Used in One Trillion BC, Moon Goon and Robin Hoodwink)
Bruce Campbell - Quirk (Impress - IA 114) (Used briefly in One Trillion BC)
Bruce Campbell - Hunt The Thimble (Impress - IA 114) (Used in Olimping Champion and Tuesday Turtle)
Trevor Duncan - Mam'selle Moderne (Impress - IA 174) (Used in Olimping Champion and Steamboat Stupe)
Bruce Campbell - Shopping Day (Impress - IA 114) (Used in Stuper Man and Souse Painter)
Van Phillips - Helter Skelter (Impress - IA 115) (Used in Stuper Man and Souse Painter)
Ward Sills - Up And Down (Video Moods - EA 1070) (Used in a few episodes, including Stuper Man, Buffaloed Bill and Fired Fireman)
Van Phillips - Good Clean Fun (Impress - IA 115) (Used in Robin Hoodwink, Lumber-Quack and Fired Fireman)
Van Phillips - Hustle Bustle (Impress - IA 115) (Used in Robin Hoodwink and Lumber-Quack)
Bruce Campbell - Pretty Pickle (Conroy - BM 116) (Used in Steamboat Stupe, Quarterback Hack and Anti-Arctic)
Bruce Campbell - Spooky (Impress - IA 157) (Used in Steamboat Stupe)
Bruce Campbell - March And Memory (Conroy - BM 116) (Used in Drafthead)
Van Phillips - Carefree (Short Version) (Impress - IA 106) (Used in Drafthead)
Trevor Duncan - French Leave (Impress - IA 174) (Used in Drafthead)
Max Martin - Five Mysteriosos No. 1 and No. 3 (Impress - IA 212) (Used in Lumber-Quack)
King Palmer - Eccentric Gent (Impress - IA 281) (Used in Jerky Jocky)
Bruce Campbell - Beginner's Luck (Impress - IA 114) (Used in Sky Diver and Tuesday Turtle)
Van Phillips - Twelve Comedy Backgrounds No. 7 - Hubble Bubble (Impress - IA 286) (Used in Sky Diver)
James Moody - Quicksilver (Conroy - BM 155) (Used in Sky Diver)
Fredric Bayco - Fraidy Cat (JW Theme Music - JW 208) (Used in The Master Builder)
Ronald Hanmer - Eight Comical Cuts (JW Theme Music - JW 139) (Used in Canned Camera)
Ronald Hanmer - Even More Comical Cuts (JW Theme Music - JW 236) (Used in Canned Camera)
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