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Edizioni Musicali Delfino/Volga
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:57:43 AM »
Edizioni Musicali Delfino:
Ayers Rock:
AR-101 - Pulsar - Attide (Nora Orlandi)/Sorpais (Andrea Dorigo)/Tianas (Franco Di Biagio)/Nogin (Gianfranco Di Biagio)/Gianfranco Di Biagio/Andrea Dorigo/Nora Orlandi (1977)

CL-10 - Untitled - Franco Di Biagio/Nogin (Gianfranco Di Biagio)/Nora Orlandi/Tianas (Franco Di Biagio)/Andrea Dorigo/Sorpais (Andrea Dorigo)/Kordes (Guido Podesta')

GO 101 - Alternativa  Gianfranco Di Biagio/Tianas(Gianfranco Di Biagio)/Attide (Nora Orlandi)/Andrea Dorigo/Nora Orlandi (1977)

MP/1 - Idea - Nora Orlandi/Attide (Nora Orlandi)

ND 7001 - La natura e l'uomo - Alessandro Alessandroni/Kema (Giulia De Mutiis)/Amedeo Tommasi/Marco Di Marco/Franco Tamponi

NG/2 - Congiunzione - Attide (Nora Orlandi)/Nora Orlandi

RV-101 - Diagenesi - Nora Orlandi/Attide (Nora Orlandi)/Sorpais (Andrea Dorigo)/Franco Di Biagio/Tianas (Franco Di Biagio)/Nogin (Gianfranco Di Biagio)/Andrea Dorigo (1977)

S/10001 - Sensazioni sonore - Alessandro Alessandroni, music by Alessandro Alessandroni/Kema (Giulia De Mutiis)/Braen (Alessandro Alessandroni) (1974)

SP 4004 - Panorami ed effetti - Alessandro Alessandroni/Umberto Santucci/Atmo (Amedeo Tommasi)/Giulia De Mutiis (1973)

S/55 - Momenti d'attualita' - Konnell (Amedeo Tommasi)/Montedoro (Umberto Santucci)/Silva Savigni/Umberto Santucci/Amedeo Tommasi/Mantissa (Silva Savigni)/Pileaen (Leandro Piccioni)/Jarrell (Amedeo Tommasi)/Leandro Piccioni

T/036 - Mondo moderno - Konnell (Amedeo Tommasi)/Leandro Piccioni/Silva Savigni/Italo Fischetti/Jarrell (Silva Savigni)

Top End:
TE-101 - Tramite - Nora Orlandi/Attide (Nora Orlandi)/Andrea Dorigo/Sorpais (Andrea Dorigo)/Franco Di Biagio/Tianas (Franco Di Biagio)/Nogin (Gianfranco Di Biagio)/Gianfranco Di Biagio (1977)

WK 3006 - Il mondo della natura - Amedeo Tommasi/Kema (Giulia De Mutiis)/Montedoro (Umberto Santucci)/Atmo (Amedeo Tommasi)/Braen (Alessandro Alessandroni)

Edizioni Musicali Volga:
AN-012 - Untitled - Franco Di Biagio/Nora Orlandi/Kordes (Guido Podesta')/Andrea Dorigo/Attide (Nora Orlandi)/Nogin (Gianfranco Di Biagio)/Sorpais (Andrea Dorigo)

C 401 - Scienza e biologia - Braen (Alessandro Alessandroni)/Atmo (Amedeo Tommasi)/Marco Di Marco/Montedoro (Umberto Santucci)

H/201 - L'arte dei secoli - Atmo (Amedeo Tommasi)/Braen (Alessandro Alessandroni)/Pileaen (Leandro Piccioni)/Montedoro (Umberto Santucci)/Jarrell (Silva Savigni)

M/011 - Caleidoscope - Silva Savigni/Leandro Piccioni/Umberto Santucci/Atmo (Amedeo Tommasi)/Jarrell (Silva Savigni)

ML 101 - Insetti - Franco Tamponi/Valgrande (Franco Tamponi)/Alessandro Alessandroni (1973)

Prato Verde:
PV-011 - Untitled - Nora Orlandi/Tianas (Franco Di Biagio)/Nogin (Gianfranco Di Biagio)/Andrea Dorigo/Sorpais (Andrea Dorigo)/Attide (Nora Orlandi)/Franco Di Biagio/Kordes (Guido Podesta')

P/1001 - Mare romantico - Montedoro (Umberto Santucci)/Amedeo Tommasi/Atmo (Amedeo Tommasi)/Jarrell (Silvana Savigni)/Leandro Piccioni/Umberto Santucci

LP/51 - Momenti musicali - Jarrell (Silva Savigni)/Konnell (Amedeo Tommasi)/Amedeo Tommasi/Pilean (Leandro Piccioni)/Leandro Piccioni/Franco Tamponi/Montedoro (Umberto Santucci)/Italo Fischetti/Mantissa (Silva Savigni)

Note: Publisher info possibly obscured due to rights being moved. Currently belongs to Arision Editions.
K 501 - Ittiologia - Amedeo Tommasi/Alessandro Alessandroni/Atmo (Amedeo Tommasi)/Franco Tamponi

RM 1051 - Biologia marina - Alessandro Alessandroni/Amedeo Tommasi/Braen (Alessandro Alessandroni)/Franco Tamponi/Atmo (Amedeo Tommasi)

Many thanks to MillionDollars for his continued help with this list.
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Re: Edizioni Musicali Delfino/Volga
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after some research, i found out about the artist who supplied the art for some of these beautiful records.

you can see all the blue cover pictures here

these records are by far the most fascinating and exciting that i ever came across and so many questiosn will probably remain unanswered for ever...

- what was the pressing number of these records?
- with small pressing quantities like this, what was the purpose of these records?
- how it comes most of them have surfaced only now?
- do even more of these exist?
- what is the connection between the cover artist and the publisher?
- does the artist of those pictures know, that they were used for these records?
- why did they spread numerous releases over all these faux-labels?
- why did they have three different adresses?
- does anybody know anything at all?  :D


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Re: Edizioni Musicali Delfino/Volga
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excuse me for bullshitting around but i thought it was a funny thing...  :P

previously unreleased, lol


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Re: Edizioni Musicali Delfino/Volga
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Wow, great find, MD! I was rather disappointed that the Leonardi reissue of Mare romantico didn't have the original LP artwork from that series of prints; I think they're cool as hell.

Would also love to hear more music from these labels! Apart from the aforementioned Mare..., I've heard the iconic nature records Ittiologia, Biologia marina, Il mondo della natura, Panorami ed effetti, and La natura e l'uomo, plus one tantalizing track each from Insetti and Scienza e biologia8] 8] ::)
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Re: Edizioni Musicali Delfino/Volga
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Very cool find!
Just because these were released with this artwork, doesn't necessarily mean the label actually cleared their usage with the artist, haha.


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Re: Edizioni Musicali Delfino/Volga
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Edizioni Musicali Delfino:

GO 101 - Alternativa, music by Gianfranco Di Biagio/Tianas(Gianfranco Di Biagio)/Attide (Nora Orlandi)/Andrea Dorigo/Nora Orlandi (1977)


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Re: Edizioni Musicali Delfino/Volga
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Great find!