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Vintage Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: Bruton Music Library (Lossless)
« Last post by Ice8 on Today at 03:32:35 AM »
Could anyone reupload these BRD 19, BRH 12, BRI 06, BRI 16, BRI 20, BRN 09, BRR 02, BRR 06?
This library should play as bgm in this whole section of the forum  ;D Thanks!
Requests / Re: Rca Media Rcm 19 Batterie - Francouis Auger (Drums)
« Last post by Fuzi on Today at 02:29:06 AM »
+ + +
Requests / Re: Your Favourite Library Albums?
« Last post by Fuzi on Today at 02:25:39 AM »
Hi bikini

It's a good practice to add the catalog reference and label to the album title you request, as some folks here prefer to archive by publishers.

And I'd be glad to help over the week-end if none steps up before me:)

Requests / Your Favourite Library Albums?
« Last post by lebikini on Today at 12:31:27 AM »
Hello! I'm pretty new to discovering library music, and am feeling OVERWHELMED by all the wonderful generous shares on here, but am totally lost. So, as a general appeal to introduce a novice like me into this wonderful world... What are your all-time favourite library albums?

I got most of the Chichester and Winchester Hospital radio CDs (I think?!), plus some key KPMs, like KPM 1000 Vol1 and 2, but I appreciate I've barely scraped the surface! Shared albums most welcome!

Some particular requests that have been recommended to me:

KPM 1000 Series
KPM 1166: Francis Coppieters – Piano Viberations
KPM 1160: Friends & Lovers
KPM 1091: Vibraphone Jazz Quartet

Themes International Music
TIM 1022: Alan Parker – The Sound of Soul
TIM 1021: Alan Parker / Madeline Bell – The Voice of Soul

Flyback – FBCD 2000: Test Card Classics (1)

Chichester Hospital Radio – CHRLM2: The Sky's The Limit And 33 Other TV Themes (I actually only need trk 8, don't know how i managed to lose that!)

Many thanks in advance, you lovely lot!

P.S. Pixeldrain links preferred!
Track IDs / Name of the track of "SBT Repórter" ID (1995-2006)
« Last post by JB Jhonatan on Today at 12:06:19 AM »

I would like to know the name and label of this track that was used in the "SBT Repórter" ID between 1995 and 2006.

Film, TV and Radio Cues / Re: "Primetime Glick" Stock Music
« Last post by Speedy on April 15, 2024, 10:39:37 PM »
"Drum Loop 4" - Mark Nolan [Sonoton] plays in the Dennis Miller / Jerry Seinfeld episode.

If you like libraries that are sterile MIDI, this one is for you! For the first time availabe to listen on the internet. (CD recorded by MediaArchiveBR2012)
Many thanks GradyTate for the BRD 18.
Requests / Re: Album from the "Opus Orchestra".
« Last post by Herring Gull on April 15, 2024, 04:41:30 PM »
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