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General Discussion / Re: "More or less a blatant rip-off"-type cues
« Last post by bardwell64 on Today at 12:48:24 PM »
The track "The Good Life" from Omnimusic is a blatant rip-off of KPM's track "Bluebird" (from the LP "Happy Rainbows"). Even the intro is very similar.
Labels / Re: Impress (78s)
« Last post by Mr on Today at 12:01:54 PM »
Fully revised and nearly completed today.
Requests / Re: The Answer Production Library
« Last post by BenKirb on Today at 09:34:03 AM »
I know that. Even better, MUSRC will have to buy the Answer for the 90s set in order to rip it.
I don't think there's a listing for it on eBay or Discogs.
Listening to Sound Library Vol. 288. Sweet. What a fantastic compilation!

Miss you tuneboy!

Thanks for the good words, Jimmy!
I'm still making comps, but with other kinds of music, mainly
melodic vocal pop from the 60s and 70s that can't be squeezed into this forum,
and especially not since the Non-Library is closed.
Feel free to send me a PM if interested in further info.
I'm sure I will return to instrumental and library comps at some later date.
Track IDs / Re: Identify Music: Eleksyon 2010 BGM
« Last post by ChunYinZi on Today at 06:42:03 AM »
The name of the music is Combined Force.

Part of Royalty Free Music

Some related platforms are represented

Such as Smartsound, Sonic Liberty
Track IDs / Unknown 1988 soundtrack by NBC
« Last post by relighter on Today at 05:31:55 AM »
Hello LMT! I’m need your help again! Can someone help me to identify this soundtrack that was used by NBC in 1988? Once again nor YouTube or Shazam aren’t identify it. Will be very very thankful for your help!

LooneyMusicLibrary, Thanks very much for posting these!
Hello! Anyway, i don't wanted to say this to you because you might feel uncomfortable, but remember these rescinded OGM requests from February? Here are these:

OGM Premium Contemporary 6
OGM Premium Contemporary 12
OGM Premium Contemporary 22
OGM Premium Contemporary 23
OGM Premium Contemporary 24
OGM Premium Contemporary 26
OGM Premium Contemporary 29 (which you already have, but i haven't got one)
OGM Premium Contemporary 30
OGM Premium Contemporary 33 (the Premium line's last release)

I'm not too sure if you are going to accept these or not accepting these. Please let me know. Thanks. :-\ :-\ :-\

About OGM

If I had to deal with everyone's OGM needs in the LTM forums

It would easily exceed 100

I obviously don't have that much time.

So I'll focus on the OGM albums that many have mentioned, which is fair enough

And those who have helped me, I will pay extra attention to their needs
Oh okay. Thanks for the info. And i think you may or may not accept these on June-August, or probably for another time for the time being if you don't have much time. Again, thanks for the info. God bless you always! And wishing you a good luck always! ;) ;) ;)
Vintage Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: Joel Fajerman & Co
« Last post by teac22 on Today at 02:30:12 AM »
Vslava and OrganGrinder, thanks very much for posting the Joël Fajerman albums.

Vslava, following up on your earlier post, from some ago now (Sept. 2019), if by any chance you still have the L'Aventure des Plantes compilation in FLAC could you please post that? The first track, Flower's Love - a well-known track and definitely worth hearing if you like this kind of music - is not (unless I'm mistaken) on the other albums. (See below track list**.) Anyway, L'Aventure des Plantes is also a good compilation if you're new to, or want an overview of, Fajerman's music.

Thanks again very much to both of you.

** The track list for L'Aventure des Plantes is below, showing which album each track comes from:

A1/01. Flower's love
A2/02. Ma forêt  - A
A3/03. Racines synthétiques  - A   
A4/04. Rose des sables  - C
A5/05. Painted desert  - C
B1/06. Reminiscences  - D
B2/07. Levantines  - D
B3/08. Incantation  - B
B4/09. Plage de lune  - D
B5/10. Sirocco  - C
B6/11. Strings  - B

Taken from:
A - [Musique pour l'Image] PI 545 - Joël Fajerman, Jan Yrssen - Racines Synthétiques (1978)
B - [Sonimage] SI 824 - Joël Fajerman - Prisme (1979)
C - [Musique pour l'Image] MPI LP 547- Joël Fajerman - Painted Desert (1980) 
D - [Psi] PSI-X-201714 - Joël Fajerman - Azimuts (1981)
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